Nixon Library Museum Store is Green With Ennui

The private Richard Nixon Library N Birthplace Foundation (not to be confused with the public Richard Nixon Library and Museum) has really gotten into the spirit of Earth Day. The foundation is directing shoppers to its cash cow, the museum store, with an email blast that states:

Celebrate Earth Day
Keep It Green
Did you know? Richard Nixon was the first “environmental President.”
In 1970 he established the Environmental Protection Agency.
Thank you Mr. President

If you hear “You're welcome” from this statue located near the Yorba Linda attraction's entry, run like hell!

The foundation's ad goes on to show eco-friendly books, totes and plastic water
bottles it is hawking. Prices range from $4.50 to $14.95. Great,
another buying holiday, just what cash-strapped Americans need.
also this t-shirt for $15.95:

Indeed, these products are fitting. After all, the first Earth Day was held during Nixon's reign of error. But how about one with Dick looking disgusted that reads, “I Succumbed to the Pressure of the People, Congress, Potential Campaign Foes and the Budding Environmental Movement and All I Got Was This Crappy T-shirt”?

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