Move Over, Will Ferrell and Jon Lovitz

After next season, Will Ferrell (who was born and raised in Irvine) and Jon Lovitz (who got a bachelor's degree from UCI) will not be the only Saturday Night Live alums with ties to Orange County's Stepford. reports that former Irvine resident Nasim Pedrad is one of two women who will be added to next season's SNL cast–and she will be the 147-year-old show's first Iranian-American.
Along with the addition of Brooklyn comic Jenny Slate, Pedrad “brings the [male to female] ratio to 4:3-perhaps the best for women in SNL's
35-year history,” Rachel Sklar writes on Mediaite. (Okay, so I was off on how old SNL is. Well, excuuuuuuuuse me!)

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