Mother Nature gone wild

“Wild” seems to be the word of choice among headline writers to describe yesterday's weather. The LA Daily News bucked the trend, going with “Crazy”, but for the most part, editors across the country agree, it was wild.

Of course, in the impressive natural events category, yesterday's weather, wild as it was, is nothing compared to what happened on March 27 forty-three years ago: the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964.

At magnitude 9.2, it was the largest North American earthquake ever recorded. Following the quake that day were 11 aftershocks of magnitude 6.0 or greater. Lesser aftershocks continued for months. The effects of the earthquake were noted as far away as Florida.

115 Alaskans died in the quake, and the tsunamis that followed. And just after midnight, forty-three years ago today, tsunamis generated by the earthquake reached Crescent City, California, 1,400 miles south of Alaska.

Ten people were killed
, and 29 city blocks were severely damaged. 289 homes and businesses were destroyed. Total property damage is estimated to have been $7.4 million.

When the waves reached Los Angeles, they were greatly diminished but still had enough power to sink three boats, and tear many others loose from their moorings.

So while it can in no way compare to what happened in March of 1964, yesterday's weather was a little reminder of how little control we have over nature, when it turns dangerous. (Which is why it would be a good idea to address this, before the situation gets any worse.)

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