Morey's Morons Begging for Comments

You know a blog is lame when it begs readers to leave comments, and that's exactly what the bloggers at Irvine's Faith Community Church, the domain of resume-stretching Islam “expert” Robert Morey, are doing.

Earlier this month, one Stephen Macasil sported the holiest of hard-ons for FCC's blog, Biblical Thought Dot Com (yep, that's the name), warning heathens it was coming to “a town near you with fistfuls of Bible, prepared to destroy arguments that are void of biblical basis.” But before they could slay any Philistines, Macasil acted as whiny as Joseph's brothers.

Witness wussiness after the jump!


In Macasil's words:

We could use a little help from you. When our enemies read our stuff and see that the post only has two comments, it looks weak. When they see that the article has many comments, they pee their pants. I know for a fact that there are more than two readers, I check the stats. We had almost 10,000 the last three weeks of November. Encourage our authors and do your part. See to it that each post has 40-60 comments minimum. Leave two or three of you have to. Have discussions amongst each other. When Morey blogs, there should be hundreds!

Let's crank it back up this week, and put those Bible-Displacers on their heels. Let's fight like we're under attack. After all, we are! All victory, all glory, all honor, all praise; all things unto God our salvation! Let's practice leaving comments on this post. If you have never done it, just enter your name, email address, your own url (if you have one), and type tour comment. If you're shy and want to remain anonymous, then instead of your real name, use a fake (like: JMG-09 or Billy the Kid).

To Morey and Macasil's credit, their sheep have responded, leaving many comments. One challenged Morey's credentials, much like we did last year; Morey gave non-answers, just like he did to us last year. Hey, Morey: any comment is better than no comment, no?

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