Mike from Rancho Santa Margarita: Slag Off!

A couple of weeks ago in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre, the Los Angeles Times published a great article about how minorities fret that one of their own is the guilty party whenever a violent tragedy occurs. Shameful apprehension is exactly what I feel whenever I read stories involving the commentary of kooks about a sensitive issue 'cause it's usually someone from Orange County's who's the idiot. Shameful apprehension is what I felt when I recently read the blog of Christine Daniels, the fantabulous Times sportswriter formerly known as Mike Penner who recently announced she's transitioning.

“Ninety-nine-point-and-then-some percent of the messages I have received in the last week, my first week out as Christine, have been supportive, sympathetic, encouraging, understanding, touching, and moving — basically, the most overwhelmingly pleasant shock of my life,” Christine wrote. Uh-oh, I thought. I knew where this was going. “Please don't let it be an OC jackass,” I prayed, just like Homer. Too late–the person who sent Christine the sole nasty e-mail was one Mike from Rancho Santa Margarita. FUCK!

But that wasn't the end of my embarrassment. Here, in all its glory, is Mike's e-mail to Christine:

“I have long considered the Times' sports page to be the best in the state, if not the nation. However, I am appalled and disgusted at your column on Thursday, April 26. To say that humans are 'wired' that way is just denying absolute truth. I know that in today's secular progressive society, we're taught to 'accept' everyone, but this is going beyond acceptance. We are being asked to accept something that is morally repulsive. In no way is this anywhere near normal human behavior. I have prayed for you, and will continue to do so. I have always admired your writing, but I will no longer read any article written by you. I am by no means advocating your firing. Instead, I felt it necessary to make you aware that your actions are Biblically unacceptable.”

Christine replies in good, polite, hilarious form. We won't: Mike from Rancho Santa Margarita: you're a pinche puto pendejo baboso. And a bigot, to boot.

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