Michael Scott Kerr Fails to Pay Child Support in Yet Another Case

Today, Michael Scott Kerr–the self-titled Grateful Patriot who cares more for the kids of fallen soldiers than his own–will appear in court to explain why he has failed to pay child support. But the case isn't the one filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, the case that destroyed his involvement in a non-profit he hoped to cash in on, the case for which there is still an arrest warrant in his name. No, this one is in scenic Santa Barbara County, in a case involving another child for whom he's a deadbeat dad.

According to court documents reviewed by the Weekly, Kerr was held in contempt of court this February and ordered to pay $3,228 in back child support. A judge also ordered a 30-day jail sentence for Kerr but had it suspended for reasons unknown.

Last anyone heard from Kerr, he was busy giving excuses to reporters for his laughable attempt to cover the Tustin blimp hangars with corporate logos. Kerr reminds me of those guys who pretend to be firefighters–sad, pitiful men. Take care of your children already, Michael!

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