Mexicans Now the Register's Last Hope

With the Orange County Register in a continued free fall–fewer staffers, the failure of SqueezeOC and the OC Post–it will undoubtedly pain the Reg's ultra-conservative readership that the company is succeeding on just one level: its Spanish-language weekly Excelsior. Today, Excelsior editor Julio Saenz announced they're launching a bilingual insert named Expresso (cute!) this Friday. “Expresso particularly caters to young, second-generation Hispanic readers who are interested in Latin American culture, but read and speak English as their dominant language,” Saenz tells Editor and Publisher. At this point, we'd usually launch a pedo Saenz's way as he's a Register employee and ostensibly the enemy, but not this time: he'll get plenty of crap from Register readers and not-getting-laid staffers soon enough.

Speaking of Register readers, a MASSIVE response by your humble wab to a Sunday letter tomorrow…

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