Mater Dei Coach/Statutory Rapist Protector Gary McKnight Now SoCal's Winningest Prep Hoops Coach

Further proof God long ago decided to let Satan run the Diocese of Orange: Mater Dei High boys' basketball coach Gary McKnight is now the winningest coach in Southern California prep hoops history. His usual squads of suspicious transfers beating up on weak opponents notched the Round Mound of Inbound a victory earlier this week against Norwalk High.

Mater Dei students and alumni don't want to hear it, and that's why we'll say it in caps: MCKNIGHT LET A KNOWN STATUTORY RAPIST BACK ON CAMPUS AND PROTECTED HIS ASS. The links and proof are all here, but, hey: why harbor on the past? Coach McKnight keeps winning, and that makes it all okay! Congrats to Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown for not giving a shit about discipline in his see lest he draw the ire of Monarchs apologists–heckuva job, Brownie!

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