Man Crashed Into by Drunk TBN Host Steve Galiher in April Passes Away Due to Injuries

The death certificate for David Rhodes will state he passed away November 3 at age 70 from pneumonia, but anyone who knows the whole story will always blame Steve Galiher.

Galiher, readers may recall, was the Trinity Broadcasting Network personality who was arrested April 26 for two DUIs and awaits his sentencing December 18 in Orange County Superior Court. Galiher crashed into David Rhodes with such force that Rhodes' car overturned twice, and he sustained four broken ribs, a broken arm and leg, and pins put in his vertebrae. David was in the hospital for three months and never fully regained his health after leaving.

David Rhodes, a Vietnam War veteran, will be buried Nov. 30 at Arlington National Cemetery. So sad that he survived war but was taken out by a drunken man of God from Tennessee…

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