Man Convicted in AMC Theater Horror Attack Got Cruel Punishment?

​Nathan L. Robinson is upset because he thinks a judge excessively punished his 26-year-old brother, Steven Walter Robinson, who was sentenced to prison last Friday for his hammer/knife ambush attack on two people watching a horror movie at the Fullerton AMC Theater in February 2008. You can read my report of the October trial HERE, my blog post on the sentencing HERE and Nathan's view (his brother is misunderstood) below:

“I'd like to say a few
things on behalf [of my brother] since everything that is being said about him
is slander. My brother is a good person. He's not a serial killer or even a
murderer. A lot of things have been said about him because he reads books on
serial killers and listens to Marilyn Manson and likes magic. We aren't in
Salem and this isn't the witch trials. I don't believe that it's fair for a
person to be judged, and in this case sentenced based on their interests
because a person's interests don't depict the type of person they truly are at
heart. My brother is a very guarded person because he's very sensitive and
afraid of getting hurt. But for those who had the chance to get to know him he's
a very kind and understanding person who can always be counted on.

He's made some mistakes but
who among us hasn't? More recently, of course, he made a big mistake that he
should do his time for, but two counts of life plus eight years is pretty
severe considering no one was killed. I'm in no way saying that it was OK for
my brother to even injure anyone in the way he did and for that he should do
his time, but there are gang members that actually kill people and only get 10
to 15 years in prison, so why should my brother serve 58?


I believe it's because of his interests that people describe him as a potential serial killer. My brother may have some issues, but those issues are with drugs and loneliness not with murder. And when my brother hurt those two people he was watching the movie The Signal [and] he was high as a kite on psychedelic mushrooms and vodka so needless to say he wasn't thinking. And if he wasn't thinking, how could he have premeditated or deliberated?

After my brother hurt those two people and he told me what happened he was so disgusted with himself for hurting them he said he would never forgive himself for that, and I believe that he won't. If my brother were a potential serial killer or even a murderer I doubt that he'd be so sickened and remorseful for what he did. I'm tired of reading reports about my brother and how he get what he deserved because he doesn't deserve 58 years. Everything seems one sided. No one has tried to contact our family to hear what we have to say; maybe it's because they're worried that if anyone spoke to us the world would see that my brother has been made out to be a monster that he in no way is.

“But I'm tired of it. I want the world to know my brother the way I do–for the loving person he is; for the human being that makes mistakes, like everyone else and the human being with the biggest heart I've ever known.”

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