Local Extremist Supports Ron Paul

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has some great ideas (anti-imperialism) and some stupid ones (deny amnesty and birthright citizenship to illegal immigrants), and it's this schizophrenic platform that has attracted sane folks (the editors of Reason magazine, Barry Manilow) and unrepentant wackjobs (neo-Nazis, Barry Manilow). Add to the latter's ranks one of Costa Mesa's blights: Mayor Allan Mansoor. The Daily Pilot reports today that Mansoor is officially endorsing Paul because he “trusts” the Texas congressman.

In other local extremist news, the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review posts that the “Zionist” Anti-Defamation League is demanding Paul disassociate himself from extremists. And they're looking for an office manager? Do you deny the Holocaust, “have good computer skills, a demonstrated ability to produce quality work on a timely basis, reliability, self-initiative, a commitment to the ideals and goals of the IHR, and be able to work together well with others”? Then click here for your dream job!

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