Let's Give the Chapman Undies Run a Big Hand

Orange County Register reporter Eugene W. Fields likely has no idea that the online version of his Chapman Undie Run article produced howls of laughter.
The yuks did not come from the idea or Fields' vivid description of the twice-yearly event.

More than 2,000 laughing, yelling, half-naked Chapman students ran down
the middle of Glassell Street to the Plaza Square early Thursday
morning before being shepherded back to campus by police officers and
university campus-safety personnel

. . . As usual, the event began with students gathering on Memorial Hall's
steps. They stripped down to bras, panties, boxers, briefs and thongs
before taking off on the short, midnight run.

No, the knee-slapper came as a result of the ol' Typo Gremlin:

Senior Blake Sawicki was a fist-timer.

“It was too cold to do it before, and I didn't want to be a buffoon,” Sawicki said. “I don't care anymore.”

Anyone who's been fisted generally doesn't.

Check out the other fist-timers in photographer Christopher Victorio's slideshow.

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