Laguna Beach Film Society Presents Rom-Com With Creepy Plot

Gigante is a Mexican supermarket chain Gustavo Arellano has frequently battered around on this very site. Gigante is also the title of a Uruguan film about a chunky supermarket security guard who develops a non-threatening obsession with a floor cleaner during their night shifts.

The Laguna Beach film society presents the debut feature from Adrian Biniez on Nov. 19. 



Jara, the guard who stares into surveillance monitors in his building overnight, is looking for something to break up the tedium when he spots a cleaning woman who mesmerizes him, In fact, Jara is so smitten with Julia that he starts watching her after work. In the U.S., that plot has the makings of a creepy thriller starring Robin Williams, but in Uruguay it's the making of a romantic comedy featuring an atypical leading man.

Gigante picked up festival awards, including one in Berlin, and you can judge whether it was worth the accolades when LBFS screens it at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, at South Coast Cinema in Laguna Beach. Tickets are $15 at the door, or for $20 you can join the LBFS and see all future movies for free. There's also pre-film wine, food and conversation at 6 p.m. around the corner in the Community Room at Wells Fargo Bank.

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