Laguna Beach Cops Justified in Resort Killings?

'moxley1.gif'Highly reliable law enforcement sources gave OC Weekly access to audio tape recordings from Sunday's police killing of two guests at the ritzy Laguna Beach Montage Resort N Spa.

The audio reveals that the city's police officers repeatedly pleaded with Kevin and Joni Park to put down a gun they'd brought to their $2,200-a-night oceanfront bungalow. Both ignored the police orders. Oddly, the woman even asked officers to call police.

The officers, who must have been spooked, told Joni that they were the police. But their word apparently meant nothing. The nude 48-year-old woman, who was covered in sun tan lotion, refused to put down her gun and screamed for the cops to shoot her. Multiple shots were heard as she fell to the hotel room floor.

If the audio accurately depicts the event, the shooting was likely legitimate. The question remains: Why did the Laguna Beach police stonewall for so long about what happened? It seems they had nothing to hide.

The second unfolding mystery had been: Who were the two celebrities staying at the Montage during the shooting? Sources say David Sedaris and Tom Selleck.

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