La Voz de Aztlan Trying to Erase Its Most Infamous Jew-Bashing Moment

In its latest screed, the Jew-bashing, gay-trashing La Voz de Aztlán (run by former Buena Park employee and eternal loon Hector Carreón) turns the tragedy that was the murder of an Arizona girl and her father by one branch of Minutemen Know Nothings into an opportunity to put a Jewish sheen on anti-Mexican sentiment. It got me thinking about Carreón's most infamous insertion of his anti-Semitism into an irrelevant topic: the South Central Farm fiasco of 2006.

Quick recap: a group of farmers took over an empty lot in South Central Los Angeles and transformed it with crops. Developer Ralph Horowitz sued to get the property and eventually got the farmers evicted. It was the lefty cause for a couple of years and was the subject of the Oscar-nominated documentary, The Garden. Horowitz claimed that what ultimately led him to break off any negotiations between him and the South Central farmers were anti-Semitic barbs thrown at him by activists.

The guilty dipshit? Carreon. In one post, under his nom de pendejo Ernesto Cienfuegos, Carreon called Horowitz a “sinister Jewish land developer,” named him a member of LA's “Jewish Mafia,” said the Los Angeles Police Department was the enforcer of this mafia, noted that LAPD Chief Bill Bratton came from “Jewish New York” and that the purpose of his trips to Israel were to “receive 'training' by Israeli military and police
authorities on how to deal with 'the Mexicans and the Blacks in case they riot.'” In another Net shit dropping, Carreon called Horowitz a “greedy Jewish Mogul” and insisted that the entirety of the Los Angeles government “take orders
from extremely wealthy Jews.”

Here's the best part about the articles: Carreon has removed them from La Voz de Aztlan. Click on one, you get a “File not Found”; try the other, and you get the laughable “This document has now been archived as a historical document.” But thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can find the two offending pieces here and here in their illiterate ignominy.

So, Hector: why did you remove them? Is it another Jewish conspiracy? Or did you finally realize that your bile harms others?

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  1. I am looking for biographical info on Ernesto Cienfuegos. His Bio info. is no longer available. I believe that Ernesto Cienfuegos was a CIA or FBI agent; purportedly speaking for Mexican American people by posing as a journalist when he was a mere Blogger. He used the name La Voz De Aztlan/ The Voice of the people. As if he were speaking for Mexican Americans. Why is a Cuban American peaking for Mexicans? This is the kind of sabotage that the old timey CIA used the likes ofRichard Aoki and luis Posado Carilles. I would like to sue these racist hate mongers for fomenting the hatered of Latinos (as history shows ) specifically, (in this case Mexican Americans.

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