Justice Dept. Inquiry: Chapman U's John Yoo Is a Shitty Lawyer

Chapman University's favorite torture enabler and “Fletcher Jones Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law,” the infamous John Yoo, should face discipline according to his previous employer, the U.S. Justice Department. A New York Times story this morning reports that an internal Justice Dept. inquiry found that Yoo's legal arguments authorizing the use of waterboarding and other forms of hash interrogation practices–commonly known in the English language as “torture”–were so woefully lacking in merit and moral scruples that Yoo's license to practice law should be re-evaluated and possibly revoked.

It remains to be seen just how likely it is that Yoo would be disbarred. But even that punishment is far less than many people, including the folks who showed up for his first post-torture-scandal speech in Orange County at UC Irvine four years ago, believe he deserves.

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