Just Another Orange County Murder: Jane Doe in Irvine [NEW UPDATE]

Days after releasing the artist's sketch above depicting the woman whose badly burned body was found in the parking lot of a closed business in the 1800 block of Kettering in Irvine on Sept. 5, Irvine police have presented another piece of evidence they hope will help identify the victim:

Her distinctive footwear.

According to IPD:

UPDATE (September 10, 2009): When the victim was located she was wearing size 10 Glaze brand shoes, like the one depicted above. It appeared her shoes had been in good condition, either new or rarely worn. Detectives believe the shoes are fairly distinctive and therefore may have caught the attention of someone who remembers the victim and could provide information leading to her identity.

Anyone with information about the victim's identity is asked to contact the Irvine Police Department's 24-hour tip hotline at (949) 724-7192.

The woman has otherwise been described as an African American in her early 20s,
approximately 6 feet tall and 150 pounds.

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A passerby who worked near the Kettering location, which is predominantly home to businesses and industrial uses, contacted Irvine Police around 8:30 a.m. Saturday to report a “person down” who appeared to be burned and lifeless.

Officers arrived to find the deceased woman lying in the parking lot. It appeared she had been
burned there hours earlier. The county coroner is now trying to determine the exact cause of death.

Police say the victim did not appear to have been associated with the business near where she was found. 

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