John Wayne's Ghost Aboard the Wild Goose REVEALED!!!

To preview the Lido Boat Show, which brought out John Wayne's old yacht Wild Goose for four days of tours before coming to a close Sunday, Clockwork related a tale from the Weekly's past about “Psychic to the Stars” Kenny Kingston promising an encounter with the Duke's ghost, which was said to haunt the vessel.

That post drew a quick response from someone in Golden, Colorado.

I have some very interesting pictures that I took at night of the Wild Goose,” wrote Lynn LeClere in an email. “I also have other pictures of what I believe are John Wayne's image, or ghost. I would love to email those to you because I think John Wayne does visit his boat.”

Prepare to have your mind blown.

This is the Wild Goose as it appeared–what does the date say? Oh, yes–Jan. 8, 2008. There is nothing ghostly in this photo. This is merely to prepare you for the shock of the next photo. Remember, keep that image of Duke in the sailor outfit in mind as you feast your eyes on . . .

OK, see the front windows? See the two men standing on the other side of them? Now look at the larger of the two men: Is he not a dead ringer for John Flippin' Wayne? Anyone else getting Wild Goosebumps? Just wait until we go inside . . .

. . . But before we step inside the Goose, let us retreat to Duke's Place in the Balboa Bay Club and Resort. Look deep into the center left of the left picture. See it? See it? I know. Me, too. wait 'til you see this . . .   

I don't know if everyone is grasping the significance here. You are now aboard the late John “Duke” Wayne's boat, Wild Goose. The American movie icon died decades ago, right? Well, look at the left side of the door window. That's right, zoom in right there at his image (trying to ignore the white lines from the ceiling). Is he not dazzling in his black shirt, white scarf and ship captain's hat? But wait, there's more . . .

John Wayne was a larger-than-life figure in, uh, life. It would stand to reason he would be larger-than-death as well. See, no one place, like a former WWII minesweeper turned into a luxury yacht, could keep his ghost. Like bad impressions on him, he's everywhere. Take Ridgeway, Colorado, where he filmed True Grit. Look at this saloon. Look in the left window. No, pilgrim, this is not to infer that the mannequins are John Wayne. Look instead where the wood frames of the window come together near the center, and then slightly left. Do you see him? Now look on the right side of the same window. LeClere suggests that could be the ghost of Duke's good friend Johnny Weissmuller, Sr. 

This is a store in Mexican Hat, Utah, near Monument Valley. Wayne filmed many movies in Monument Valley and he was known to frequent this particular establishment. That is so noted with the “John Wayne Trail” sign in the window. But look just above it (ignoring the reflection of people in the same window). Do you see who's looking downward with laser-like eyes? Elvis ain't got nothing on John Wayne!

Orbs are widely recognized as possessing the energy of spirits who have “crossed over.”  Think of it like the moon when it is visible during the day. This photo was taken at the Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, Arizona. LeClere wants you to notice the energy over the Bennett grave, the energy of JW. But it's what LeClere does not mention that will blow your mind. Look to the bottom right of the same grave, where the rocks and shadows form a face. Clockwork suspects the sad-eyed, strong-jawed mug belongs to Ward Bond.

“When Patrick Burns of the Biography Channel's TV show Dead Famous wanted to look for the spirit of John Wayne, he went to the Boothill Graveyard,” LeClere explains. “The only supernatural event that he observed there was a 'pair of eyes' watching him from the bushes.  He described it as only the eyes and not the face, and not just a reflection similar to what you would get from shining a flashlight in an animal's eyes in the dark.”

LeClere believes Burns was describing exactly what was shown in the first picture, where you see Wayne's eyes and the very characteristic narrow bridge of his nose.

But back to those orbs . . .

LeClere explains that some people believe that orbs are nothing more than dust, pollen, moisture, bugs, sun spots, etc. in front of the camera lens. The top left picture shows a large orb that moves to surround the head of the same boy in the picture to the right of it. In the middle left photo, a smaller orb is causing a reflection in the granite floor at the Denver airport. The middle right photo shows an orb moving fast enough to leave two images in a room in LeClere's home. The bottom two pictures show some orbs. Use the cup holders for reference in relation to the orbs. Note, in the right photos, one has a very high energy level causing it to appear red in color. The smaller orb is moving fast enough to leave a trail. LeClere notes this could have been caused by a power converter that was plugged in nearby, providing a power source for the spirits.
So what do these orbs have to do with John Wayne? Hey, it's all spiritual, baby! 
“My rule of thumb when it comes to spiritual things is if someone is making money from it, be even more suspicious,” writes LeClere, who it must be noted sought no monetary compensation for our sharing these photos with you, the home viewer. “Other than that, sometimes, you don't know what you don't know.”

Or as the Duke once put it so eloquently, “This is gettin' to be re-goddamn-diculous.”

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