John Lackey Goes to Red Sox: Good Riddance, or Good God, No?

I'm of two opinions regarding the news that longtime Anaheim Angels pitcher John Lackey (the big lug above) has left your Halos for the accursed (as opposed to cursed) Boston Red Sox. One is: who cares? Is an ace really an ace when he has a career 3.81 ERA, only two truly great seasons out of seven, and couldn't win any big games save Game 7 of the 2002 World Series? Lackey never impressed me, and before the apologists come out with their fungo bats: just look at his postseason stats!

Then again…beware the Texas boy with an imposing fastball and a so-so W-L record, right Nolan Ryan fans? Oh, and Arte? Signing Hideki Matsui isn't taking the team forward–it's taking the Angels back to the days of Hubie Brooks.

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