John N Ken Will Mock Hugh Hewitt at Their Next Heads-on-a-Stick Rally!

This Wednesday, as KFI-AM 640 hosts John Kobyalt and Ken Chiampou plugged their next mega-rally–it'll be at the Knott's Berry Farm of the Inland Empire, Tom's Farm in Corona next Saturday–one of them made the observation that a conservative talk-show host had previously mocked them and their listeners as doing little more than “banging pots and pans” and so urged anyone who will attend to–yep!–bring pots and pans to bang. The two were demure for once, but the person they were railing against was none other that Orange County's own conservative yakmouth, Hugh Hewitt. Although I'm all for anyone ridiculing Baby Hewie (I never got around to dissecting his blowjob of an interview with Purpose-DrivenĀ® Rick–damn carpal tunnel…), his criticism of John N Ken was one of the few times I actually agreed with the KRLA-AM 830 host. Hewie whacked the John N Ken nation for their Reconquista fear-mongering, making the point that merely yelling won't solve the nation's illegal-immigrant issue (I'm not sure what Hugh's stance is, although I vaguely recall it's more moderate than Tancredo-ish). Eh, whatever: HEADS ON A STICK! HEADS ON A STICK! HEADS ON A STICK!

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