It's a Quick Read: Sweet 16

Orange County Register
: OMG, these Los Alamitos middle school Noobs were busted passing around nude photos of an eighth grader on their cell phones. LOL! Remember when Brittany did the thing with the thing in the thing? EG. . . . Ew, why are they letting someone's mom write about this? She totally needs a makeover. GOL. . . . OMG, JTLYK, Chapman U soph, Bryce Turner, died after totally collapsing on the soccer field. So sad. :+( A vigil was held for him on campus Tuesday night. He was only 19! WTH? If we were to MIRL, he totally could have been my BFN. . . . IC they're saying something about that fatty Octo-Mom who thinks she's Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie is sooo pretty IMO. TBH, GF, I'd totally do Brad Pitt. . . . I'm sooo ZZZ. . . . Mickadeit: DQMOT but he totally looks like my dad. TTFN :+)

Los Angeles Times:  OMG! That Obama dude is coming to the O.C. today! TBH, GF, I'd totally do that Obama dude. JKJK: I already did. . . . FWIW, IC The O.C. DA says it was totally OK for an Anaheim cop to shoot and kill an innocent, unarmed man BC the cop with a gun, backup and license to kill felt threatened. BTDTGTTSAWIO. . . . IC a Newport Beach cop got $1.2 million for being called a gaylord. Then those Los Alamitos middle school Noobs should get $1.2 million each IMO. G2G. HAND. EOM  

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