It's a Quick Read 8

Orange County Register
: The man who shot himself to death inside Crystal Cathedral two weeks ago thought he was a prophet of God and heard the voices of demons inside his head. Wait, there's more than one of us? The Reg also has video of the dude. . . . A Costa Mesa Police officer and another from neighboring Huntington Beach were cleared by the district attorney in the shooting of a man armed with a screwdriver. This only would have been news in Orange County had our DA not justified the shooting. The twist here is it was San Bernardino County's DA who made the ruling. . . . Chico the bulldog went missing from his Victorville home four years ago. He was just found 80 miles away in Santa Ana, living under the name Rosco. Wait, there's more than one of us? The Reg also has video of the pooch. . . The Angels have rolled out a new line of ball caps for sale at its Tempe, Arizona, baseball field. I want one that shows a bat with a slash through it and the words, “I paid 26.99 for this hat and all the Angels got was another light-hitting lineup.”

Los Angeles Times: Yesterday you were told there was but one, lonely new story when you clicked the O.C. tab on the California page. Today's is on a tiny Latino neighborhood that is resistant to incorporation into Anaheim-zzzzz. Huh? What? Was someone talking? . . . You can find more O.C. news on the Times' L.A. Now blog. But O.C. isn't in L.A., you may be asking yourself. It is when viewed from Chicago. On L.A. Now: a man fled his own fraud trial in Santa Ana during a bathroom break, and Orange County is getting $13.7 million from the feds to combat homelessness.  

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