It's a Quick Read 36: HOT! Weekend and Monday Edition

Orange County Register: The current heatwave broke 51-year-old records in Orange County. . . . The CHP needs your help nabbing whoever took a potshot at an officer responding to a freeway overpass suicide attempt last week. . . . Two of the 10 worst charities in America are based in Orange County. . . . removed a message board where a fan was selling unauthorized t-shirts memorializing Nick Adenhart. Lansner: Demand for OC homes has returned to 2005 levels.

Los Angeles Times: Message delivered to local Muslims: The FBI is not your friend. . . . Orange County Sheriff-turned-felon Mike Carona asks to remain free during his appeal. . . . Dana Point home is worthy of a James Bond flick. . . . Skelton: It's a different Jerry Brown running for governor this time. . . . Hiltzik: Those claiming $1 billion would be raised taxing marijuana in California are blowing smoke.

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