It's a Quick Read 27

Orange County Register: Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement agents, Inglewood police and members of a multi-agency task force surveilling Gerardo Medina Hernandez say they watched him pull packages from two compartments built into the front wheel wells of his 2005 Volkswagen sport utility vehicle and put them into a cooler in his garage in the 1700 block of West Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim. The packs contained 95 lbs. of black tar heroin worth an estimated $10 million, making this the largest seizure in the bureau's history, according to state Attorney General Jerry Brown. Reporter Eugene W. Fields' inclusion of the suspect's immigration status naturally prompts online comments like these from Reg readers: “'Hernandez, 25, a native of Mexico with a green card . . .' enough said”; “still has his gren [sic] card and 3 hots and a cot at our expence [sic]”; “It would be a good investment to have drug sniffing dogs working at the border full time to walk past all cars coming into the U.S.” But the best observation comes from SweetPig: “Note to self: Close the garage door BEFORE unloading huge quantities of illegal narcotics.” . . . Fountain Valley police say Mary Sharpski, 46, admitted to conspiring with her lover and a butcher to slice up her husband Frank, who was left nearly dead from dozens of cuts, a crushed skull, a severed nose and several of his fingers amputated. Anyone else hungry? . . . The California Supreme Court rules UC Irvine is not at fault for losing a body. . . . More from the crapconomy: former full-time workers now working part-time jumps 50 percent. . . . Saxon: Screw Jeff Miller! The Angels will win it all in '09!


Los Angeles Times:

The daughter of a couple who were killed when their vehicle and a La Habra police car collided Sunday disputes the assertion that the patrol car's lights and siren were on when it entered the intersection. Other than that, nothing worth printing, blogging or shouting out a window has happened in Orange County since 10 p.m. Monday, according to the crack newshounds at California's largest daily newspaper. Wotta bunch of fuckwads. . . . The business desk reports corporate travel is down due to the “AIG effect,” a reference to the insurance giant's executives spending $443,000 at the St. Regis Resort in Dana Point in September just days after accepting an $85-billion federal bailout. . . . Blockbuster says its future is bleak. Does that mean I don't have to bring Miss Congeniality back? . . . The Drug Policy Alliance's Grant Smith opines that President Obama missed a golden opportunity to indicate whether the White House might be willing to rethink the nation's disastrous marijuana policy. . . . Dwyre: Angels are the model of efficiency in their opener.

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