It's a Quick Read 14: Weekend and Monday B.S.

Orange County Register
: Octo-Mom took spawn from her oldest litters to Knott's Berry Farm on Saturday and Disneyland the day before, and all she got were crummy t-shirts reading: “More kids have passed through my log fume than Knott's” and “Your Kaiser co-pays helped pay for the 8-pack I just dropped, so what am I doing now? I'm going to Disneyland!” TMZ's got pics of the getaway, which allowed volunteer contractors to finish getting her La Habra home ready for Octo-pancy. Meanwhile, the Reg has the homecoming schedule for Nadya Suleman's newest It's a Small World props. . . .  Obamites are looking at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa as the site of Barack Obama's first visit to OC since becoming president. . . . Fisker Automotive, the Irvine-based developer of a new hybrid sportscar, has raised $94 million in venture capital. . . . Reg biz columnist Jon Lasner re-crunched some numbers and discovered job cuts in the Orange County real estate and finance sectors “were far deeper than first reported.” From 2006-08, nearly 10,000 additional people lost work in those areas on top of the 30,000 previously tallied. The county has lost 64,600 jobs over the last year. Let's all shoot ourselves full of fertility drugs, plop out a softball team and go to Disneyland!

Los Angeles Times: HELLO? LA TIMES WEB PEOPLE! LOOK AT YOUR ORANGE COUNTY PAGE! A large photo and headline at the top of the page informs that the other driver in the crash that claimed the life of MMA's Charles “Mask” Lewis has been charged with manslaughter. Just below that is a teaser photo of Mask and a headline informing that authorities are debating whether to charge the driver. . . . County Supervisor Bill Campbell, hoping to steal some of board Chairman John Moorlach's thunder (and ink), suggests shifting the funds for non-abortion, healthcare services it just cut from Planned Parenthood to an anti-abortion group. How about the Taliban? They also forbid healthcare services for women. . . .  Conservative talk radio is on the wane in California. (OC, not so much, one presumes.) 

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