Is an Anaheim pastor a serial child molester?

How's this for the granddaddy of all double-dipping: If law enforcement is right, pastor Raul Rosas Hernandez worked for both the Lord and Satan. Or, perhaps just Satan.

Today, the Orange County District Attorney's office alleged that while Hernandez ministered to the faithful in telephone calls he didn't mind simultaneously molesting–(intercourse, oral copulation, digital penetration and groping) kids in his church or at his Stanton home.

“God bless you,” he is reported to have said to callers while committing the lewd acts, prosecutors say.

According to a criminal complaint, the pastor molested a 10-year-old boy three times; 12-year-old Jane Doe #1 twice; 12-year-old Jane Doe #2 repeatedly; seven-year-old Jane Doe #3 for eight years until she was 15; and 11-year-old Jane Doe #4 for two years.

Last year, Hernandez attempted to flee to Mexico after he learned that he faced a possible life in prison sentence when authorities knew of only two alleged victims. Recently–with the aid of explicit video tapes the pastor made–investigators say they found the three additional cases. Hernandez, 42 and the leader of Faith in Action Church in Anaheim, was captured in Redlands by a bail bonds agency before he could leave the United States.

DA spokesperson Farrah Emami says that Hernandez is being held on $1 million bail.

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