“I Wish There Was an iPhone App to Help You With Your Shitty Personality” and Other Texts From Last Night

If you've ever found yourself wanting to read the stupid text messages strangers sent other strangers the night before, Texts From Last Night is the site for you. Collected there are anonymous missives exchanged from area codes all over the country. Orange County's 714 and 949 are no exceptions. Here is but a small sampling:


im surrounded by empty glasses of chocolate milk WTF
First thing she said after sex was.. are you baptised by chance?
He ignores my calls like im some kind of stalker chick. Ive only called 5 times
OMG I just tried to text you something dirty but accidentally texted the obama campaign
I wish there was an iPhone app to help you with your shitty personality.


 i miss you and i wish you were peeing between my legs right now. in a platonic way

(949): youre so sexy i want your bod
(410): dude, did you turn gay?
(949): heather?
(410): this is jacob

(949): Mel Gibson is dating a 24 year old
(503): You're not Mel Gibson and I'm not 24.

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