How Many Anti-Illegals, Anti-Liberal Buzzwords Can Royce Work Into His Anti-Healthcare Rant?

It's the home game sweeping the Republic: Count how many anti-liberal/anti-illegals/pro-hater buzzwords and references are in the latest email to supporters from Rep. Ed Royce (R-The White Side of Fullerton).

The email (Punctuation, capitalizations and boldface intact) follows after the jump . .



Dear Friend,

I need your help to defeat the new proposal to give Amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens.

plan, being pushed by Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez and Senator Chuck Schumer,
comes as liberals in Washington are also plotting to include illegal
aliens in their nationalized health care bill.

According to the Washington Times, the new Amnesty bill would end
important enforcement tools such as the local police cooperation
program, argues that there's no need for more U.S. Border Patrol agents
or fencing, and establishes Amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Amnesty bill is also a back-door way to include illegal aliens in the
nationalized health care scheme being pushed by the White House, Nancy
Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Taxpayers cannot afford to
fund a massive and ill-advised government take-over of health care and
certainly cannot be asked to foot the bill for 12 million illegal

The Senate is expected to be the first stop
as debate ensues over Amnesty. CALL OR EMAIL YOUR U.S SENATORS TODAY
And please go to my website,, to sign up for updates.


Representative Ed Royce
40th District

*  *  *

Dearest Edward:

Is the Washington Times still in business?

Your BFF,


*  *  *

Dearest Game Pieces:

Let me know if I missed any:

1) Amnesty

2) Illegal aliens

3) Anyone named “Gutierrez.” (As if!)

4) Chuck Schumer

5) Liberals . . .

6) . . . in Washington!!!

7) Plotting

8) Illegal aliens (dos)

9) Nationalized health care

10) Amnesty bill

11) End important enforcement tools

12) No need for more U.S. Border Patrol agents . . .

13) . . . or fencing!!!

14) Amnesty for illegal immigrants. (Haters to Royce: Whassup with “illegal immigrants”? Why the soft-peddling? “Illegals,” “illegal aliens” or “law-breaking Mexican invader baby makers” are the accepted terms or you can expect us to stay home election day, mister!)

15) Amnesty bill (dos)

16) Back-door way (oh, how the liberals LOVE defying the God-approved missionary position).

17) Illegal aliens (tres). (Haters: That's better, Ed)

18) Nationalized health-care scheme

19) Pushed by the White House . . .

20) . . . and Nancy Pelosi!

21) . . . and Harry Reid!!

22) Taxpayers cannot afford to fund a massive [anything that is not a prison system, military-industrial complex or anything named after Ronald Reagan]

23) Ill-advised government takeover [of anything that is not Iraq, Afghanistan, a government-workers union, sacred American Indian land, tiny Banana Republics itching for U.S.-backed dictators]

24) . . . or, in this case, healthcare

25) Foot the bill for 12 million illegal aliens (Haters: Ding! Ding!! Ding!!!)

26) Amnesty (dos)

27) NEW “AMNESTY PLAN”! (and in boldface!)

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