Harald Martin Uses District Resources To Spin His Story

Anaheim Union High School District trustees claim that they reappointed former board member Harald Martin because he was the most qualified candidate for the job. That's bull–nothing more than political payback, as I noted in the above link. But I forgot to mention something else: AUHSD trustee Brian O'Neal was also appointed while Martin served on the board the first time around. This puts the number of current AUHSD trustees appointed by Martin at two; coupled with longtime supporter (and Miss Manners heir apparent) Kathy Smith, it's really no wonder that Martin is where he is today. Political boss, anyone?

Martin is already flexing his power.


On the AUHSD home page for its website sits an innocuous-sounding link tilted “Biographical Profile by Harald G. Martin.” A quick click shows that it's the virtually the same letter Martin previously forwarded to members of the anti-immigrant California Coalition for Immigration Reform. What's left out is crucial: Martin's attack of his critics as “pro-illegal immigration groups,” his pointed slaps at Los Amigos chairman Amin David, and his concluding call to CCIR: “I AM NOT SORRY that I believe in the rule of law and that illegal aliens, no matter where they are from or the color of their skin, should be deported.”

Illegal aliens like the students whom populate the schools over which Martin and his cronies now rule.

No mention, of course, about the reasons why Martin is so despised in the first place. And now, we conclude with our Martin Quote of the Week:

…Where they have these little creatures that boarded the ship…And they came on the ship and everyone loved them. They were so cute and fluffy, nice little things when there were four or five of them. Then it got to the point down the road when it wasn't so nice. they were getting in the way because there now were thousand of them on the ship.

From a 1999 NPR interview in which Martin compared AUHSD students to the Tribbles from Star Trek.

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