Hanging Out With Ferrets Anonymous

Gendy Alimurung writes in our sister paper LA Weekly about having breakfast at the Laguna Niguel IHOP with members of Ferrets Anonymous, a support group for people pissed off over the state's prohibition of their pets as pets. “Chinchillas are legal, why not ferrets?” asks one flapjacking dude.

It brings to mind our former colleague Victor Infante's many ferret tales, which ran here with either his byline or a made-up one depending on whether his sock drawer was being destroyed by a pet ferret at the time.

By the way, I assume none of the FA members had their pets with them at IHOP. From what Victor would tell me about his wascally little bugger, you don't want those things near pancake syrup–unless you are pouring it over a grilled one, I suppose. Mmmm, gamey!

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