Give the Gift of John Wayne for Free! is the Fred Thompson of conservative websites–not as loony as WorldNetDaily, not as shrill as OC's own Hugh Hewitt, but nevertheless wacky. And if you can't tell by the boring stories on their website, just look at what they're offering people who subscribe to Newsmax Magazine: a free copy of John Wayne's infamous America, Why I Love Her.

“It was during the dark days of Watergate and the final, unsettling days of the Vietnam War, when actor John Wayne decided to speak out,” a hack excitedly wrote. “In America, Why I Love Her, John Wayne explained in a special recording why America – and Americans – are special and why this country must remain a great nation.”

Never heard of this masterpiece? Oh, you're definitely missing out on the greatest Orange County album ever.


As I wrote back in 2004:

You remember John Wayne: American icon, expensive airport, hideous bronze statue. Now remember John Wayne, recording star. In 1973, Wayne released America, Why I Love Her, 10 spoken-word paeans to Old Glory and its inhabitants that finds a wheezing Wayne railing against multiculturalism, Vietnam War opponents and feminists.

Just take some short listens for yourself on Notice the poetry? Hear that gravelly voice? Died yet from the diabetes shock that is listening to this treacle? Buy it today–or order Newsmax Magazine and get it for free!

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