Get Your Tickets for Angels' 2009 Postseason Throwdown

The public's first crack at Angels playoff tickets begins at 10 a.m. Wednesday, but don't bother showing up at the box office at the Big A. They are only available online at the Angels Web site or by calling Ticketmaster at (714) 663-9000.

There's a limit of four tickets per household. Since the Angels will have home field advantage
in the series (most likely against Boston), as many as three games could be played at Angel

Those lucky enough to have had's Angels Insider subscription actually got first dibs at the tickets this morning. It's too late to sign up for a subscription now to get division-series tickets, but if you register, like, RIGHT THIS SECOND you'll be first in line for tickets to the American League Championship Series, which will go on sale Sept. 29 or 30. Insider subscriptions end today.

The Angels open the Division Series at home either Wednesday, Oct. 7, or Thursday, Oct. 8, depending on where the Yankees wind up. Look for the logo above on blog posts here as the Weekly steps up its Angels coverage during the playoffs.

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What are they saying about us in other playoff cities? More 2009
Postseason Throwndown action can be found for the following teams:

New York Yankees:
St. Louis Cardinals:
Colorado Rockies: 

More teams will be added as the playoffs near.

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