Gay Marriage Rally in Front of OC Church Has a Twist This Time

Ho-hum, supporters of marriage equality are planning a big rally outside yet another Orange County church. Tell it to Rick Warren. Or Ted Haggard. Or Mormony McMormon. Maybe they'll get all fired up by signs stating, “No on Hate–No on Prop 8,” “I Want to See My Daddies MARRIED!” and “Jesus Loves Everyone.” The rest of us need naps.

Well, as it turns out, the March 5 rally at Church of the Foothills in Santa Ana is church-sanctioned, as opposed to those outside Warren's Saddleback Church and elsewhere these past couple months that disrupted entry to Sunday services.

“In the midst of conservative Orange County, which was not only a major source of funding for the proposition, but also voted overwhelmingly in support of it, Church of the Foothills has long championed progressive Christian values,” states the Marriage Equality Rally announcement. “By showing opposition to Prop 8, this protest will affirm the love that Jesus showed to all, and continue his message of peace, justice and equality for all mankind.”

Gays, straights, kids and LGBT couples are invited from 4 to 6 p.m. on March 5, a Thursday, at the church, 19211 Dodge Ave. (at Newport Boulevard), Santa Ana. The timing is critical due to the Prop. 8 case that the California Supreme Court will soon consider. Their decision could potentially invalidate the first gay wedding ceremony performed in an Orange County church. Now were would that have been? Let Kergan Edwards-Stout at (714) 552-2348 tell you when you call for more Marriage Equality Rally details. You can also send an email here.

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