Fox's “Glee” to Return With More Music Per Episode

Glee, Fox's twisted high school musical series that seems inspired by Orange County High School of the Arts (and stars former OCHSA attendee Matthew Morrison), will have more music per episode when it returns April 13 from hiatus.

Now, if I was Glee creator Ryan Murphy, which I'm next to positive I am not, I would have less music if that meant more screen time for Jane Lynch.


Murphy tells Lisa Horowitz of The Wrap (“Covering Hollywood') that while Glee's first 15 episodes each averaged about six musical numbers, “In the back nine we do an average of eight to 10. The back nine is about the regionals competition.”

He added that the unusual way Fox rolled out Glee, which he was not consulted on, had much to do with the show catching fire. The pilot aired after last spring's American Idol finale, the series debuted four months later with the rest of the fall programs and it is now in the midst of another four-month break.

“I think it worked because the show is about
thinking outside the box, and doing things that are unusual,” Murphy said. “They
picked it up because they didn't want just another network show. They
wanted to do something unusual and strange. And so that philosophy has
gone into the marketing of it.”

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