FOX seeks OC bar confessions!

Southern California's reputation for shallow lives will be enhanced this summer by the Fox Reality Channel. Go Go Luckey Productions (producer of Laguna Beach on MTV) says it plans to place private “confessional booths” in several So Cal bars including the lovely Mosun in Laguna Beach, Anaheim's J.C. Fandango (near Cal State Fullerton) and Hollywood's Cabana Bar.

Club goers–intoxicated? high? just out of jail or fresh from plastic surgery?–will be encouraged to spill their beans to a Fox camera for about 10 minutes. (No word yet if barf bags will be supplied.) Thirty of the most “saucy” spillages will be broadcast on the web channel,, for a national audience beginning May 30.

Watch and drink a shot each time you hear the words “like” or “totally;” and two quick, consecutive shots if you hear, “Oh my gosh!” or “That's insane.” If you hear, “Oh my gosh, that's, like, totally insane,” you must drink the bottle.

On second thought, this isn't a good idea.

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