Five Strange Twitter Accounts to Follow–or to Avoid

With how much time people are spending these days on Twitter–do we really need to know what color socks you're wearing today?–we've come across a few accounts recently that kind of make you scratch your head and wonder who the hell has time to maintain these things. Follow or avoid, just don't say we didn't warn you.

1) @Tweance
Set up by folks looking to summon the dead via the spooooky vibes of the World Wide Web, user @Tweance is currently taking the names of candidates you would like to communicate with. Michael Jackson seems to be the most obvious one, but other names thrown out there have been River Phoenix, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Kurt Cobain, William Burroughs and Houdini. Something tell us that Cobain wouldn't have approved of this bullshit.


2) @Me_is_Spartacus
Persistent. That'd be the word for this user. Location? Vesuvius, of course. Bio? “I am Spartacus!” Latest Tweet? “@iam_spartacus Hi Sparty….me too son…” Actually, the user seems to delight the most in random tweets, take this one directed at one @SquirrelsomeSpy: “Hi Squirrel. I am Spartacus Gigantus. I eat squirrels for breakfast.” But our favorite has got to be the re-tweet about something called the “Spartacus beaded clit clamp”–“Should I get this for Verinia?,” it adds. Kinda cute, actually.

3) @SirlancelotSv
A Twitter “actor” hired by Round Table Pizza (say “Twitter” and get 10% off!), the Lancelot feed is full of mentions of Queen Morgana, Arthur and more… with a few elbow-elbow-wink-winks aimed at the well-read follower (“friendship betwixt @SirLancelotSV and Queen @GuinevereSV, that no two people could be greater friends than they were”) thrown in. But the strangest thing yet? Lancelot has 19,825 followers.


5) @TheMime
With over 153 tweets of nothing but “…,” the Mime has managed to garner 13,206 followers with zero words. Mimes: Creepy even online.

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