Ed Royce: He Works Hard For His Money

In an alarming “Accused Fraudster Allen Stanford Consorted with Lawmakers,” BNET.com's Alain Sherter worked off a recent Miami Herald investigation and noted how just hours after Stanford was charged this year with bilking $7 billion from investors he received a sappy love note from Texas Republican Congressman Pete Sessions.

“I love you and believe in you,” wrote Sessions, who chairs the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee and who has taken $44,000 in campaign contributions from Stanford.

No word yet on the message Idaho Sen. Larry Craig left for Stanford.

But Sherter's article also dings Orange County Congressman Ed Royce (R-Wall Street) for taking 40 percent or $295,000 of his recent contributions from financial corporations determined to block reform. Indeed, Fullerton's Royce has co-sponsored legislation that attempted to thwart better consumer protections against predatory practices. He argues that consumer protections harm consumers. 

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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