Disneyland Goes Goth and Iowans Cower

On her blog The Digital Hairshirt, Santa Ana family law attorney and hobbyist photographer Stephanie Anne Richer has a fun account and some great photos (including this one here) from Bats Day, the annual Goth get-together at Disneyland.

Richer reports she knew she was in for a treat Sunday “when I overheard a typical Granma, perhaps
straight off the plane from Iowa, saying to someone on the other end of
her cell phone, 'There's people in line who look like they're gonna eat
the children!'”

Granma's obviously never been to La Palma.

Goth attire ranged from the more “punkish” to “the lovely
Edwardian costumes of The Vampire Lestat,” with pill box hats appearing to a trend among the ladies, writes Richer, who had no problem getting permission to photograph the Goths.
“A lot of Goth parents had tots in tow, and a lot of their
kids were dressed 'normally' and having a great time,” writes Richer. “It was a hot day,
so while Mom wore the latex corset, little Octavia skipped along
happily in shorts and a t-shirt. I was told–and next year I must
photograph–that there is a meet-up for a group shot of all the 'baby
bats' and their parents in front of the carousel.”

Gaze upon Richer's full post and follow the link to all of her photos here.

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