Dishney: New 'Up' Posters Go Retro!

The posters–which are all uh, super awesome, for lack of better description–look a whole lot like the fun Disneyland attraction posters from the 1960s that line the two tunnels that lead you from the park's main gates to Main Street. 
According to Slash Film, the posters are actually designed by designers Eric Tan (“Journey Into the Wild”), Erik Evans (“Paradise Falls”), Craig Foster (“South American Air”) and Paul Conrad (the rest!). You might also remember Tan's retro-inspired work for other past Disney/Pixar films like The Incredibles and Wall-E
Our favorite this time has got to be the close-up with the giant gobbley bird, Kevin.  It needs to be above our living room couch, like, now. 
After the jump: See the rest of the posters! 



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