Dishney: Five Ghostly Disneyland Urban Legends

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​You know, being a ghost stuck at Disneyland doesn't sound all that bad. It's better than haunting some family in Texas, right?

Like any place with a rich history, Disneyland's got its fair share of urban legends and myths surrounding it–take the cryogenically frozen head of Unky Walt for an example–but cast members and guests alike have reported over the years certain encounters with certain ghouls that might've escaped being the 1,000th happy haunt of the 999 at the Haunted Mansion. There's the hooded, faceless dude who resides in the hidden basketball court inside the Matterhorn. Or there's also the spirit of the teenager who was crushed by oncoming cars of the People Mover who's been said to violently grab at the hair of blonde riders… when he fell to his death (after attempting to exit the ride while it was still in progress), he was said to have desperately grabbed at his blonde girlfriend's long hair.   

Read through our compiled stories of sightings of spirits–some amusing, some creepy (unsettled child souls! Sad face!). Leave a comment if you've got a story of your own!

1) Mr. One-Way
Mr. One-Way's story is perhaps also the most retold of them all. Though there are a few different accounts of Mr. One-Way, the consensus is that he's a spirit said to inhabit mainly the queue at Space Mountain.

There are some accounts that describe the friendly ghost (who appears to be a living being to the unsuspecting) as a “large man with reddish hair and a red face,” while others report that Mr. One-Way is actually a young boy dressed in '70s clothing who was totally entranced with the ride while he was living. Witnesses report that the child version of Mr. One-Way will actually interact with guests in line, strike up conversation, and the more you talk, the more you realize the guy's not actually from our time: He has no idea of the new changes made to the park since his time.

Next? The spirit will hop on board the ride next to single passengers and disappear as soon as you hit that final flashy tunnel at the end of the ride.

Paranormal Blog reports that both the ride and the women's employee locker rooms are frequented by One-Way.

2) Scattered Ashes, Unsettled Spirit
We've heard about cast members catching family members surreptitiously attempting to scatter the ashes of a loved one at Disneyland–though according to this next account, it might be better to get the approval of said loved one before you do that.

It's said that one can often spot the spirit of a crying male child huddled near the exit of the Haunted Mansion–thanks to his mother who had scattered his ashes throughout the ride. The story goes that the kid actually didn't want the ride to be his final resting place… and thus the tears and uh, you know, the eternal sorrow, etc. Not the happiest story. Sorry.


3) Debbie Downer
The Innoventions building in Tomorrowland is said to be frequented by the spirit of a cast member named Debbie stuck on the longest work day of her life–she was killed by the rotating walls (though this account says it was actually rotating doors) of the attraction back when it still housed America Sings. 

4) Walt Disney Himself
Several stories revolve around the spirit of Walt himself–some say he hangs out at the Disney Gallery space above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, and some say he can be spotted at the apartment he kept above the Fire House on Main Street.

Here's our favorite account so far from Mice Chat forum user (and cast member) Disnerd: “My favorite ghost story and one I told to The Disneyland Line for the Halloween edition is about Walt's apartment above the firehouse. There was a new custodian who was assigned to clean Walt's apartment. Being a new CM she didn't know that the lamp in the window is never turned off. We keep that lamp on to remind everyone that Walt's spirit still lives in the park. Any way after she gets done cleaning up she turned off the lamp and locked up the apartment. As she crossed the square she looks up and the lamp is on. She goes back upstairs and opens the locked door and turns the light off. As she leaves town square she looks up again and the light is on. She goes back to the apartment and thinking that there must be a short in that old lamp decides to unplug it. She locks up the apartment and as she is leaving the park looks up one more time. Suddenly that lamp blinks on and she sees the curtains pull back like someone is looking out at her. She drops all of her stuff and runs out of Harbor Point never to return again!”

5) Davy Jones' Locker?
Though the same legend around the ghost(s) that are said to haunt the Pirates of the Caribbean seems to be in the same vein as the crying child/ashes story of the Haunted Mansion, the only images we can find that supposedly prove the existence of said spirits were taken inside the Pirates ride. Sure, they're probably doctored (…right?) but they're spooky to look at nonetheless.

Here's a YouTube clip showcasing a few shots supposedly capturing a spirit or two on film:

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