Dishney: Disneyland's Club 33 Wait List Even Longer Than You Thought

The myyyysterious Club 33. Though most have heard of it–creepy obsessive Disney fanatic or not–not many have ever seen it. And at the rate the wait list is crawling along? You'll probably never see it.

The latest D23 FANfare e-mail blast reports: “Ever since Club 33 opened on June 15, 1967, a waiting list for one of its 480 member slots has stretched from New Orleans Square to Tomorrowland and back again. Today you'll wait at least 18 years for the privilege of using your name and 'Club 33 Member' in the same sentence.”

Club 33 is the name of the private club located in New Orleans Square of the Disneyland resort, with an indiscreet entrance located just next to the Blue Bayou Restaurant (you know, that lantern-lit restaurant you float by at the beginning of the Pirate of the Caribbean ride?). In addition to an exclusive membership, it's the only place within the park permitted to serve alcoholic beverages–even if Disneyland does currently hold a park-wide liquor license.

The best part? Club 33 membership isn't even close to being free. Or all that affordable. The three types of memberships, Corporate, Limited and Gold, require fees ranging anywhere from $10,450 to $27,500… in addition to $3,275-$6,100 in annual fees.

Not that any of this matters anyway–membership has been closed since April 2007, when the average wait time stretched to 14 years.

After the jump, a photo of the entrance to Club 33.


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