Dishney: Disney-Related Twitter Accounts Worth Following!

Believe it or not, Twitter can actually be used for more than finding out what your friends are eating for lunch or what color socks they're wearing today: There are entire accounts dedicated to just making life easier for you, tweeting weather reports, traffic jams and accidents, where the Kogi truck is today… you know. Important stuff.

Some of our favorite accounts to follow (you know, besides our Twitter account, 'course), actually, are handy Twitter feeds to take a look at while visiting Disneyland. Take a look through our top picks–who'd we miss?


Walking around the park? Find out ahead of time which rides have the shortest wait times without having to zoom from It's a Small World to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tweeting some of the latest Disney-anything news, from food updates to new shows and parades to discounts.

An account that people tweet to while at the park if they overhear something particularly silly–it's kind of like our weekly feature, “Tweets From the Park” (kind of) but definitely rated G.

Run by one of our fave Disney fan sites, MiceAge, DatelineDisney is a great resource for the latest in park news.


The official Twitter account for Disney Parks and Resorts, including their cruise line.

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