Dishney: Disney Launches Official Theme Parks Blog

Perhaps in an effort to curb all the crazy rumor mongering (heh) being slung around by the squillion Disney fan blogs out there, the House of Mouse has decided to launch an official blog to document all the latest (official) happenings at their theme parks.

The blog will cover Disneyland Resort, Disney World Resort, the cruise line and the Disney “vacation experiences worldwide.” Chief blogger and social media director Thomas Smith promises readers exclusive behind-the-scenes news in addition to features from “imagineers, horticulturists chefs and other interesting cast members.”

Awesome. But not nearly as fun as heedless rumor mongering. C'mon.

They've already got several entries up today, including some posts on Disney autonomatronics (wha?) and a closer look at the Halloween festivities at the parks nationwide. Here's the link

After the jump: A fun video posted on the Disney Parks Blog of the much anticipated Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.

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