Dishney: Captain EO to Return to Disneyland February 2010

It's official: Disney announced today that Captain EO will indeed be returning to Disneyland Resort for an exclusive, limited time engagement in February 2010.

The 3D film experience was first released 23 years ago but was removed in 1997 for Honey, We Shrunk the Audience (snooze). Whispers of the space thriller's (with plenty of adorable space critters, see right) resurrection began not long after the death of Michael Jackson this past June.

Honey, We Shrunk the Audience will be closing “some time” in the next few week to make room for the return of EO.

After the jump: Full versions of the Captain EO film to get yourself aaaaamped. Who's going to camp out at Disneyland in anticipation, like now? 


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