Dishney: An Overweight Person's Guide to Disneyland


But portly riders complaining about the sizes of ride seats isn't anything new. Disney Resort fansite, the Mouse for Less, even has a handy guide for all overweight park visitors, “The Fat Lady's Guide to Disneyland.”

It contains useful gems like: “Space Mountain – This is the one ride I have been asked to leave. The lapbar as usual would not come over my knees but I thought everything was OK as we began to move but then I was spotted by a CM. Not just any CM–this one was definitely someone's mother. The 'it's all good fun till someone loses an eye' type mother. I tried to explain that I was so wedged in that even if we went upside down I couldn't possibly fall out but to no avail.”

And apparently the roomy attractions include: Indiana Jones Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Railway. Not-so-roomy: Tarzan's Treehouse, Big Thunder Mountain Railway… amongst dozens others.

But our favorite tip concerns Autopia: “Tiny little cars versus huge bum. Nah!”

You'll remember that last year, Disney quietly rolled out changes to their Peter Pan's
attraction to accommodate the ever growing heavier sect of park
visitors. WDI (Imagineering) kept the changes hush-hush–so as to not
offend said ever growing, heavier guests.

In 2007, the park chose to revamp its It's a Small World ride.
Originally designed for the average rider in the mid '60s, Disney had
gauged males would be around 175 pounds while females would come in at
around 135. Obviously, this isn't so true anymore, with even the CDC
releasing evidence that Americans are just getting taller and fatter.

So what's going to happen? Are we going to eventually start learning to curb what some  are calling the obesity epidemic? Or is Disneyland going to have to start airlifting its guest in and out of the park in a few years? (Or you know, they could  always just cut out all those churros and giant turkey legs instead.)