Did a Candy-Ass Gang Member Plan to Murder a Mexican Months Before Their Slater Slum Smackdown?

If you believe the friends of the Candy-Ass Gang–the trio of pendejos (Brian Charles Hanson, Bret Macdonald Hicks, and Michael Aaron Powell) and one pendeja (wannabe chola Erin Lee Brooks) who prosecutors say
drove into Huntington Beach's Slater Slum neighborhood with the
expressed purpose of beating up a Mexican, only to have their
asses cracked at the hands of wabs
–the group is innocent. These white supremacists just happened to drive into an alley in a heavily Latino neighborhood late at night, and those stabs they inflicted on a poor man don't matter–the real victims are the Candy-Ass Gang, who suffered black eyes, dislocated shoulders and were jes' plain scared.

“They're getting railroaded,” whined Martin Cox, perhaps Orange County's most notorious skinhead due to his many appearance on British and American documentaries, on the July 17 edition of his Internet radio show, 88 Degrees. “[They face an] uphill battle, we all wish [them] the best. It's a case of self-defense.”

Why is Cox so interested in the case? Because he and Hicks are close friends–indeed, Hicks was set to join Cox's infamous hatecore band Extreme Hatred until the idiot blew his self-professed dream by getting sent to jail. The two are so close that Hicks co-hosted 88 Degrees with Cox for months, going so far as to produce fliers for the program that airs every Friday night on Orange-based Radio White, one of the country's oldest white-power radio stations.

It's on this show that a Weekly investigation has discovered that the Candy-Ass Gang had good motive to commit the crime prosecutors have charged them with–namely, Hicks said it was time to go kill Mexicans.

On April 17, Cox and Hicks were ranting about the state of this country under President

Barack Obama, about how it was time for whites to become conscious and get ready. “It's kill or be killed, in my opinion,” said Hicks. “And I think it time to actually go out and kill.”

“No more Mr. Nice Guy,” Cox replied. “It's coming.” But Cox emphasized to listeners that the true enemy weren't blacks and Mexicans but rather the Jews and other internationalists that ruled the world. Minorities, he said, were “like a side project. They can be cleaned up in a weekend.”

“Exactly,” Hicks said, who had recently moved to Huntington Beach from Riverside. “That's, that's personal shit. That's stuff to
do in your own personal neighborhood, take care of that

Hicks continued to rile himself up a couple of minutes later. “Let's make a difference,” he growled to his audience. “If we don't stand up and take care of what we need to do right now, I
think we're going to lose. We need to do this now. NOW. It is the time.

Hicks–whom prosecutors say was the main stabber in the Candy Ass Gang's assault and gang experts state in court documents belongs to the Golden State Skins and has on his neck the triple interlocking triangle tattoo associated with the United Society of Aryan Skinheads prison gang–takes pride in his violent streak. Cox stroked his pal's ego on the June 4 broadcast of 88 Degrees by saying Hicks was “famous” for beating people up. Hicks created a band named Armed N Ready that played at the Doll Hut just a week before the Slater Slum Smackdown. On the April 10 edition of 88 Degrees, while reminiscing about listening to Extreme Hatred, Hicks said, “It was good times. We'd go, we'd get drunk, we'd listen
to good bands, we'd fill ourselves full of hatred. I know myself…”

At that point, Hicks
caught himself, and slowly stated, “Well, allegedly, we'd all go out and commit
hate crimes. Allegedly.”

He laughed. “It's not a hate crime if you love doing it,” Hicks concluded.

The Candy-Ass Gang's next court date is Oct. 23. Hicks remains in prison on $500,000 bail. 

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