Dana Rohrabacher Plays Brilliant Scientist Too!

​”The running debate between
faith and science, which has increased steadily in intensity this year, has two
detours just as harsh but considerably less visible that demand more attention:
That would be scientists against other scientists, and pseudoscientists who
presume expertise without the credentials. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's
tirade against global warming offers a sterling example.”

–Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Daily
columnist Joseph N. Bell on Dec. 16, 2009. Rohrabacher, once a right wing journalist here in Orange County and now a wacky politician, guarantees that impacts from massive worldwide industrialization haven't caused any global
warming and suggests that dinosaurs became extinct because of their own farts. Last year, the Huntington Beach Republican also tricked imprisoned Robert F. Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan into a meeting by pretending to be a woman. Sirhan agreed because he thought he would be meeting someone named “Diana,” but was greatly disappointed to see the pudgy, shifty-eyed congressman trot in. He'd taken a break from worrying about how he could prevent an asteroid strike on the Earth or having close pal Jack Abramoff, the convicted con man lobbyist, pay for his lunches.   

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