Daily Pilot Dimwit Disses Daniels

As the world continues to react to yesterday's LA Times column by sports god Mike Penner about his decision to become Christine Daniels, leave it to Orange County to dick (pardon the pun) with her courageous story. Daily Pilot publisher Tom Johnson used his column today to announce changes in the Times' Newport Beach-Costa Mesa daily embarrasment and couldn't resist the opportunity for a dig at Daniels. “And, by the way, if you hear that I'm vacationing to Ireland in the next couple of weeks, know it's just for some golf and relaxation. I'll still be coming back as the same old Tom Johnson,” the grinning fool snarks. Listen, pendejo: the least you can do is show some restraint in dealing with a colleague who's so much higher in the Times' hierarchy than you that she could sneeze on you and you'd think it's rain. But really: you should grovel at her feet and beg she doesn't slug you in disgust. To paraphrase that gay guy in Car Wash: Christine is more man than you'll ever be, and more woman than you'll ever get.

But Johnson's insult against Daniels is far from the worst information in his column. Apparently, Page One–the hallowed section of any daily paper, the place where reporters reserve the best, the most explosive news of the day–will now host a weather box. A fucking weather box. What's worse, each day will feature a new kiddie artist. Really, Johnson: do you have so little respect for your reporters that you're allowing the paper to become the county's version of The Mini-Page?

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