Craig Monteilh's Mosque Spy Stories Draw FBI Response

The FBI provided a written response to a West Covina judge's decision to unseal court documents that an Irvine fitness instructor claims proves he was an FBI informant who spied on Southern California
Islamic mosques and the Muslims who worshiped in them.


According to the Orange County Register, the FBI's response reads as follows:

The FBI routinely gains the cooperation from citizens, to include
convicted felons, in the pursuit of justice. The FBI has an historic
policy of neither confirming of denying the identity of informants; to
do so would jeopardize investigations and the personal security of

Claims suggesting that FBI agents directed others to break the
law or to conduct activity outside the authority granted them under the
United States Constitution, are patently false. Statements suggesting
that FBI agents conducted–or directed others to conduct–activity
targeting individuals based on their religious beliefs–specifically
those of the Islamic faith–are untrue, and unfair to the agents, as
well as the American Muslim community.

Craig Monteilh, who Nick Schou wrote a cover story about in April (“Who Was That Mosqued Man?”), believes the 2007 document that was unsealed will help him in his $10 million lawsuit against the FBI.

He claims he was helping the bureau root out terrorist plots being hatched in Islamic mosques in Orange County and elsewhere in Southern California, but that the FBI essentially hung him out to dry when a criminal charge sent Monteilh to prison for six months.

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