Crabby Over “Orange County Food Poisoning”

John Bisnar, a Newport Beach personal injury attorney (or “trial lawyer” to his conservative talk radio pals), has coined a new disease: “Orange County food poisoning.” It's all right there in black-and-white–or whatever the virtual equivalent of black and white is–on the Bisnar/Chase ambulance chaser's California Injury Blog:

Bisnar/Chase has been receiving complaints from several people who have suffered Orange County food poisoning after purchasing and eating top-of-the-line seafood–crab legs in particular–from Albertson's. So far, Bisnar/Chase is helping two clients with this food-bourney illness case.

Orange County food poisoning, as opposed to regular old food poisoning apparently, produces sweats, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, swelling of arms and legs in some, nausea and headaches–particularly after consumption of bad crab meat purchased at Albertsons.

Questionable crab legs were recently purchased at Albertsons stores in Anaheim and Fullerton, according to Bisnar, who at the time of his posting had yet to see the supermarket chain order a recall.

After saying his heart goes out to Orange County food-poisoning victims (“Based on their stories, they have been through a terrible time and incredible agony!”) and wondering why Albertsons has yet to implement a recall, he suggests anyone who may be suffering along in agony seek medical assistant immediately–and then contact his office.

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